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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long has your firm been in business?

    We have been in business since Dec 1999.

    how long, established

  • Who would our photo chairperson be dealing directly with?

    The owners, Tony or Laurie Alsted

  • What percentage of your business is sports photography vs. other?

    We are 100% volume youth sports photography.

  • What developing lab do you use?

    We have secured the services of (2) labs. This allows us to manage work load and to ensure quality, pricing and quick turnaround times. How long have they been is business? Both labs have been in business over 20 years.

  • Do you use traditional or digital photography?

    Digital photography is our preference using Nikon bodies, although we also own high end Nikon Film cameras as well.

  • Do you imprint a "Memory Mate"?

    Yes. This is an additional service. Do you use only the Association name or personalize for each of our ten clubs? This is your choice. There is a fee associated with each logo change the amount varies with the size of each club.

  • What is RWP's donation program and how does it work?

    RWP donates generously to each organization we photograph. Our financial donation is based on the volume of members who participate in Photo Day. We donate a dollar amount per player photographed.

  • When is the donation provided to the organization?

    RWP writes a check to the organization and delivers it when portraits are distributed.

  • When will my league portraits be delivered?

    All league protraits are guaranteed to be delivered before the end of the season.

  • Do you offer a product guarantee? Refunds? Retakes?

    Yes. RWP offers a 100% guarantee or your money back with returned product within 30 days of delivery. Please go to the customer service section of our web site and submit your request.

  • What environment/backdrop do you use for portraits? (Indoor/outdoor)

    With Washington states inclement weather RWP is equipped to photograph large groups both indoor and outdoor. We have a variety of backdrops appropriate for sports (outdoor stadiums, basketball, soccer, etc) as well as traditional drapes.

  • Do you require association volunteers for any part of the Photo Day process?

    RWP works directly with an association representative to ensure that the associations expectations for Photo Day are met. RWP provides a complete trained staff of event personnel and photographers. There is no need to have your association provide volunteers, but encourage you to participate if that is your desire.

  • Who will schedule the photo appointments and how are they run?

    RWP does provide a Photo Day schedule service. There is not additional cost for this. We have the experience at doing this and actually prefer that we build the schedule. Of course, you have final approval.

  • Do you schedule appointments on weekends?

    Yes. Weeknights? Yes, but we prefer a weekend where we can photograph your entire group in one day versus drawing it over a week or more.

  • How are the finished portraits distributed to coaches/players?

    We currently have two distribution models. 1) RWP distributes the entire associations order to the association Photo Coordinator. The Photo Coordinator is responsible for distributing team portraits to the coaches. 2) RWP will ship directly to each team coach. Coach is then responsible for distributing to their players.

  • Do you offer a complimentary team portrait to the coach?

    We offer two additional 5x7 team portraits to each team.

  • Will you provide a free Memory Mate to all players meeting our Association's criteria for a scholarship?

    Yes. This is something we do at no additional charge. Coordination prior to photo day is encouraged to avoid any embarrassment to families on photo day.

  • Do you shoot pictures in the rain?

    Yes, we own tents to shoot under. However due to the size of most teams, the team photos cannot be photographed under a tent. As a result, we HIGHLY recommend an indoor facility during the time of year where rain is normal and expected. Our indoor portraits with colorful sports backgrounds are spectacular!

  • Will you visit each Club location in advance to determine optimal logistics for picture background and flow of team/player traffic?

    Yes. That is all part of our professional service.

  • Can you provide with a season-end report of what teams were and were not photographed?

    Yes, RWP keeps careful records of each league, the team photographed and the number of players photographed.

  • What other services/products do you offer that we may be interested in?

    We offer a multi-year contract that is very beneficial for organizations. Please ask us directly about this service. We can customer tailor something to meet your needs.

  • By what date would you need our commitment and signed contract?

    The earlier the better. We request a signed service agreement in place 3 months prior to Photo Day to allow comprehensive detailed planning of your event. Comprehensive planning is a large part of a successful photo day. Although unavoidable at times, rushed planning can make photo day much more difficult than it should be.

  • When can I expect to receive products ordered through RWP customer service?

    You can expect to receive your products within 14 days of placing your customer service request.

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